Modular House Plans with Prices

Modular house plans have the potential to be a new leader in the new housing market. The advantage that some home builder units will have more than a traditional type of construction company is the ability to return to infrastructure now and resume production, where other construction companies can be left at the mercy of […]

Unique Modular Ranch House Plans

Through the test of time, modular ranch house plans have evolved since the 1930s, when they first gained popularity, in contemporary, mixed-use homes serving individuals and families of all kinds. While farm homes can be simple or complex in design, they offer unlimited possibilities for customization. Modular ranch house plans offer a classic style that […]

Small Modular Cottages Texas

Small modular cottages differ from a home or a synthetic car. When you request a modular cottage house, it is set up from your typical home plan and the unit is brought to the location of your building and placed together. Modular cottage can be designed in any way you want and as small as […]

Modular Buildings for Sale

The phrase modular buildings can suggest several different things depending on how they are actually used. When we use standard expressions, we need to make sure they are in the right context, in which case we refer to standard homes. Standard expressions indicate that the components can be paired with each other to be able […]

Prefab Modular Homes Washington State

The prefab modular homes have changed dramatically since Sears used to sell them through their catalogs. The new generation of architects and home buyers ignited the movement of ready-made industry based on passion and imagination. As a result, modern model homes have been born that challenge all ideas of prefab houses. The unattractive funds have […]

The Best Log Cabin Modular Homes

The log cabin modular homes are a house made of logs or wood. Wooden cabins are simple houses built mostly in areas rich in natural resources such as wood. During the first centuries, wooden cabins were commonly used as houses, warehouses and storage. Most of the former wooden cabins were constructed with blocks placed horizontally […]